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Rain in Greenwich Village, New York City.

In dreams memories take on the hues of nostalgia: faded hues made rich with meaning that are etched into the dreamscapes that play themselves against our eyelids each night.

Memory-tones diffused by the tear-in-the eye and lump-in-the throat feeling of familiarity synthesize with overwhelming feelings of connection with the past as it dilutes itself into the present. 


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Yili Apricot Valley, China. Every year, these rolling hills in Xinjiang explode into a puffy sea of pink and white. As the largest groves of apricots in the region, this flowering signifies the beginning of the fruiting season, while also transforming the landscape into something other-worldly.

Gate way from the woods, Dingle Woods, Aldridge, Walsall, England
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"Most people do not listen
with the intent
to understand;

they listen
with the intent
to reply."

- Stephen Covey  (via bondings)

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Opalized Wood. Super Bright pinfire colors running through natural ironstone. 120 Million Years old Wood. 49.17 Grams

It was early in the morning, and I was still half asleep.